A low life

If you can open this, it’s worth reading. To think that Henry Kissinger is considered a venerable statesman only reminds us that the powerful take care of their own. To think that an architect of dastardly war crimes is venerated by so many is revealing and maddening as well as depressing. Kissinger is a low life and he bloodily earned the moniker.

Serviceable category

If the “left” is to remain a serviceable category of analysis and struggle, it needs lots of updating. The composition, politics, organizational forms, breadth and depth, and challenges of the contemporary left are quite different from its forebear in the last half of the 20th century.

Lifting my glass

Sitting in Rough Draft in Kingston NY with a cold Pilsner sitting in front of me. Every year on this day I come here in the early am and lift my glass to my two fallen friends who died in Vietnam fighting a war that was the doing of the war makers in Washington and the money bags in corporate suites. Past time to turn swords into ploughshares.

Beer world

Westkill Brewing, tucked comfortably in the Catskill Mountains, makes a pilsner that sits at the top of my beer world. It’s so good that it brings to mind the folk wisdom of my unforgettable old friend, Timmy Plummer, who told me, “Living at the bottom of a beer barrel now and then has its merits.”


The concert in Bearsville Theater celebrating Dylan’s music didn’t disappoint. Especially liked the performances of Every Grain of Sand, Baby Blue, Highway 61, and I Contain Multitudes. Every time I go to this annual concert I leave marveling at Dylan’s expansive body of work.

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