Bill Walton

The great and ever exuberant Bill Walton is gone, but still refuses to fade away!!! Tip my banner to the big redhead!. Walton attended over 1000 Grateful Dead concerts. Once he took his Celtic teammates —- Bird, McHale, Parish. Johnson, et all —- to a Dead concert in Worcester, near Boston. And they loved it!

By the way, Fade Away was written by the Great Buddy Holly.

The MAGA Crowd

Trump and the MAGA crowd, encamped in Christian churches and colleges, legislative halls and courts, the media and social media, and insurrectionary and proto brown shirt groups, see this moment as “their moment” to transform the state, society, and country into a white nationalist, Christian neofascist fortress.

What is more, in their calculus, electing Trump is the necessary gateway and once in a lifetime opportunity to realize their vision.What should we do in the face of this existential threat and challenge? Simply said, engage the American people and do the sweated labor and unsung work to get out the vote on Election Day.

How ridiculous

The Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel — closely connected to Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) — has called on “conscientious people, organizations, and unions around the world” not to engage with Standing Together, describing it as an “Israeli normalization outfit that seeks to distract from and whitewash Israel’s ongoing genocide in Gaza.”

How ridiculous! This is divisive and sectarian posturing, disguised as anti-colonialist radicalism. Unless challenged, it can easily impede the broadening and deepening of the movement/coalition in the U.S. for a just peace in this longstanding conflict and struggle. Actually, STA is an organization of Arabs and Israelis, heavily on the young side, who in words and deeds work for peace, full equality and national rights for the Palestinian people, and mutual security for both peoples. Not many mix justice and unity into an organic whole as well as ST. Currently, ST is defending aid workers and shipments into Gaza from Israeli right wing extremists.

Save the Earth Tour

Saw Neil Young and Crazy Horse in concert last night — Save the Earth Tour. No jumbo screens, no electronic images, not even back ups — just one of my favorite Canadians with two other guitar players — one was one of Willie’s sons —and a drummer. His voice was clear and still young. The guitar playing was riffing great. And his set list combined old and new songs. Neil did acoustic too. Reverend Billy & The Church of Stop Shopping opened up. My son in law and I were blown away. A great evening of music!

Small circle thinking

To reduce the left in Congress to the “Squad,” and maybe Bernie, is mistaken and counterproductive. It’s an example of small circle thinking. The term left, if it is serviceable for this moment, should be capacious enough to capture the significant movement and shifts in Democratic Party at all levels in a left-progressive direction.

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