Violent threats and violence itself has invaded the political life of the country. The irony is that is the main promoter of violence (and insurrection) – Trump and the MAGA movement – claim that Democrats are responsible for the outbreak and normalization of violence in our day to day political life.

That’s turning reality on its head. It’s also the political method and language of a neofascist movement. Scary for sure, but it should also be motivation for each of us to resist this dangerous trend at the ballot box, first of all, next week.

Vote Blue

Vote Blue unapologetically!!! And urge others to do the same! Will be canvassing this weekend.

Of the first order

No matter what happens on election day, the further building of the anti-MAGA, anti-Republican Party coalition – including the Democratic Party – outward and downward will remain a strategic political objective of the first order. It is only on this ground – and no other ground – that a decisive victory over the MAGA bloc comes within our grasp and a durable, muscular, and non-sectarian left makes its appearence.

Unique stamp

How else but through the vector of sustantive and robust democracy in the workplace and far beyond can working people and their allies leave their stamp on socialist society? Or, to frame it differently, how can a society evolve into a socialist direction in more than name without a many sided, real, and vibrant democracy – not simply formal and declarative – in which the formerly left out and underrepresented exercise an overarching influence in every area of life?

False equivalency

People lament the political polarization in our country. Fair enough, but the only way to end it is by crushing the Republican Party – the party of polarization – at the ballot box. Analyses that blame both parties for the present polarization in our politics are misguided and sow confusion. They construct a false equivalency between the two parities where there is none.

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