Faint praise?

I don’t see the logic of damning the Democratic Party bill in the Senate at this moment with faint praise – worse still dimissing it – as Bernie is doing. Enough people on the left will do that without Bernie joining the chorus. In present circumstances, the bill should be welcomed and supported.

I like Ohio Senator’s Sherrod Brown’s positive take on the bill.

Against the grain

Here’s a thought on the role of the left. It goes against the grain of much thinking found on the left that places its main accent on the unique, independent, and separate role of the left.

The role of left activists, as I see it, consists in joining with, learning from, and assisting ideologically and practically the constellation of organizations, groups, and people – not least the Democratic Party – in the task of assembling, animating, and uniting a majoritarian coalition battle and defeat Trump and Trumpism.

In other words, the left doesn’t have an exclusive franchise on “assembling, animating and uniting” tens of millions. Quite the contrary, that political imperative is a family affair. Thus the substance of the relations of left with other social and political participants contesting Trump and Trumpism, should weigh heavily on interaction, co-dependence, and mutually construction.

Each participant has something unique and necessary to contribute to this process, for sure. But only together, if united and in motion, do they possess the collective wherewithal and capacity to politically reach tens of millions, slay the beast of Trumpism, and save our democracy, while at the same time setting the country on a trajectory of democratic renewal, economic justice, substantive equality, and planetary sufficiency.

Viva Cuba!

Cuba celebrates its revolution today. Never an easy process, full of obstacles – not least the U.S. blockade – and its share of mistakes as well as remarkable and hard earned successes. It remains an inspiration to people in the Global South and for many in the U.S. fighting for a more just and equal society. Without the leadership of Fidel, Raul, and their comrades in close association with the Cuban people neither the revolution nor its advance would have been possible. Viva Cuba!

Road Trip

Leaving on a 9 day road trip tommorrow with my brother. Destination is Nova Scotia, including Cape Breton, with hope of hearing plenty of Celtic and Arcadian music. On the way will meet up and stay with old friends, probably sharing a glass or two of the grain or the grape. Should be lots of fun!

Sage advice

Neil Young’s advice on aging, “Better to burn out than it is to rust.”

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