Rise of authoritarianism

I believe the writer makes some important observations regarding the authoritarian threat that deserve attention and discussion.

Doesn’t pass smell test

The decision of the UAW leadership to withhold their endorsement of Biden is short sighted and dangerous. Outwardly it seems militant and an expression of independence, but substantively it doesn’t pass the smell test. If the union’s new leaders seek some administration job guarantees as the industry transitions to electric cars and trucks before backing the most pro labor president since Roosevelt as other major unions are doing, this tactic, I doubt, will serve that purpose. It could as easily weaken the leverage of the union, not to mention alienate union allies and do nothing at best to change the minds of a significant section of auto workers who support Trump.


I came across this article accidentally. The writer is right. Gorbachev in the early days was a rock star in the USSR and worldwide, representing in his person and words the hope of a democratic socialism and an end to the Cold War. He was a breath of fresh air! While communists here ( and I was one) defended the Soviet Union to a fault during the Cold War, most of us enthusiastically welcomed “Gorby” and his vision of a renovated socialism. Things didn’t work out as he and many of us hoped, but his vision of a democratic and modern socialism and a world at peace still endures around the world and acquires new necessity in present circumstances.


Time to outlaw horse racing! The “sport” is unnatural, cruel, and at times deadly. Horses deserve better.


Warriors were the Warriors last night. Their game was, well, beautiful. And Clay was transcendent Clay. In basketball language he was in a zone. And not surprisingly, Steph adjusted to what the team needed in the moment. He became a playmaker, setting his teammates up for good shots. Series tied. Next game in LA. Is there a better sport than basketball? Not in my world. My only complaint is the late nights. Went to bed at 1:30 pm last night!Which would be ok, but Yogi insists on being fed in the 6am hour. Thank God for coffee!

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