Some rethinking

Biden and his administration have shown a capacity to think anew, to challenge neoliberal orthodoxy at the level of theory and practice. As a result Biden has embraced a new economic worldview and associated economic policies on the domestic level that have lifted up working people and their families.

But one can’t say the same with respect to the global theater. He’s old school in many ways, and it could come back to bite him, as it bit Johnson. I would hope he and his administration do some rethinking of their policies internationally and make adjustments to new global realities, not least the presently exploding conflict between the Israeli government and the Palestinian people.

A point of departure would be a ceasefire in the one sided war of the Netanyahu government and the Israeli military against the people of Gaza.

Other centers of organization

A friend sent me a link that allowed me to listen to the speakers at the recent “Free Palestine – Ceasefire rally” in D.C. I can’t say that I listened to every speaker on the program (it was long), but I listened to enough to make me think other centers of organization and initiative articulating unifying demands, reaching out to a diverse and broad audience, and bringing together Palestinians and Jews (and others as well) are necessary.

At the local level such an undertaking strikes me as more doable for most of us.

Easy to do

Called my two senators and congressman protesting the resumption of bombing of Gaza!


This is a loooooong article written by the legendary Bayard Rustin. As a historical document it is incredibly interesting and as a political-analytical undertaking its depth and method of analysis has much to teach us today. I remember reading this more than 50 years ago in a social democratic reader, and though I didn’t grasp some or much of what Rustin wrote, I found it so stimulating.


I wonder if China could fit into the category of authoritarian state with some socialist characteristics.

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