Building a Transformative Movement & Party

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I want to welcome you to Winston Unity Center, named after our former National Chairman, Henry Winston. Winnie, as he was affectionately known, would be very happy that we are meeting this weekend to turn our attention to the twin tasks of building a transformative movement and party. Few things were closer to his big heart.

Keynote to National Conference: Connecting the dots from here to socialism

“Keynote to National Conference: Connecting the dots from here to socialism” first appeared on on April 24, 2012. Read it on

I also want to welcome you to our annual conference.

I also want to extend a special welcome to Comrade Ana Maria Prestes Rabelo of the Communist Party of Brazil. Comrade Ana, who is a member of the Central Committee and International Department, will be with us all weekend.

We look forward to her presentation later today, which I’m sure will give us a picture of a party that skillfully works in a very complex situation.

The Nature, Role, and Work of the Communist Party

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The purpose of this paper is to discuss the nature, role, and work of the Party. Sounds like a mouthful and it is. Hopefully, it will give everyone, to continue the metaphor, something to chew on.

The outcome and implications of the mid-term elections will figure prominently in this discussion how could it be otherwise?

Our countrys political terrain has shifted. The American people expect a change in course. What is more, the labor-led peoples movement, whose energy, organization, and political clarity were decisive to the elections outcome, is now turning its attention to legislative battles.

We will do likewise, but with this added wrinkle: we will also give attention to growing the Party and its press in this new context of struggle.

Keynote Address, 27th CPUSA National Convention

“Keynote Address, 27th CPUSA National Convention” first appeared on on July 6, 2001. Read it on

On behalf of the outgoing National Committee, I want to thank the office of the Mayor of Milwaukee and the representatives of the progressive community here for your greetings to our Convention. It seems especially appropriate to hold our Convention in a city whose socialist, progressive, and working-class movements stretch back into the 19th century.