Growth curve

Efforts in support of an immediate ceasefire and Palestinian national rights that either have nothing to say or express in a low key outrage over the mass slaughter of 1400 victims in Israel on October 7 will find their growth curve and capacity to reach a broader audience limited


“Two peoples, Two states!

This (or something like this) is far more unifying, politically realistic, and less likely to be misinterpreted than many of the other slogans that I have seen in recent weeks. The purpose of a slogan isn’t to litigate the past or feel righteous in the present. It is, instead, to suggest a way forward that is, given current realities, unifying, just, and winnable.


There’s only one way to protect hospitals in Gaza. It’s called a permanent ceasefire, negotiations, and a viable and contiguous Palestinian state. We should know from past experience that a military solution is a chimera and a pause in present circumstances is no more than a coffee break for Israeli ground troops and pilots before they resume their brutal attack.

Personal inventory

All of us bear some responsibility for the war and bloodshed, first in Israel and now in Gaza. The prewar situation in Gaza and the West Bank should have told all of us that it wasn’t sustainable. But most of us and the world didn’t pay attention to it, including the Biden administration that was anxious to turn its attention to China and Asia. What Hamas did finds no justification – politically or morally – but even now and when the worst of the fighting stops each of us should take some personal inventory and ask ourselves what did we do to address this unsustainable situation.

Hostage release

What Hamas did on October 7 has no justification, including the taking of innocent hostages. In demanding their release though we should bear in mind that 14,500 Palestinians languish in Israeli prisons – some of whom have never been formally charged with any crime.

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