The concluding comments of Charles Blow’s facebook video following last night’s spirited debate between Bernie and Hillary raise two questions in my mind:

Question 1: Can you have a political revolution – which I understand to mean transformative changes that practically engage as well as improve the lives of tens of millions – the overwhelming majority – in fundamental ways without the African American people in its front ranks?

Question 2: Is the Sanders campaign sufficiently mindful of this historically derived FACT?

My answer to the first question is unequivocally NO. Political revolutions will be born stillborn if its front rankers don’t include the African American people.

As for the other question, I don’t get the sense that the Sanders campaign is sufficiently mindful of the necessity of drawing the African American people into its campaign, but to be fair I have to look at this more closely. And I will do exactly that in another blog post as well say more on their change making role.