These days the problem isn’t the “deep state,” but the takeover of the state by Trump and his gang of lunatics. It proceeds apace, despite the stubborn resistance inside and outside the state.

We have an immediate chance to derail this growing danger as Democrats press ahead with the impeachment of Trump. But it is an uphill climb given the makeup of the Senate.

Next year’s elections, however, offer a far more favorable terrain on which to confront and challenge this existential danger, provided we accent unity at every phase of the election process. One can express differences in the primaries with one or another candidate without taking them to the woodshed or intimating that you might sit out the fall election if you’re candidate of choice doesn’t win the nomination.

I will, without complaint, canvass for Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren, or anybody else that might secure the nomination. Hopefully, I will do so somewhere in the Midwest.