The protracted nature of the war between Russia and Ukraine is an argument to restart negotiations between Ukraine and Russia. A failure to do so runs the danger of a further escalation of the war, including the likely introduction of new and more devastating weapons and the triggering of a wider conflict.

Realpolitik — a sober estimate of the state of the fighting between the two warring countries, one, Ukraine, defending its homeland, the other, Putin’s Russia, invading a neighboring country, equipped with its superior military and financial resources — is an imperative at this moment.

Justice, of course, lies on the Ukrainian side, but in this war the superior weaponry of one side and the ruthlessness of its leader is an inescapable reality that can’t be assumed away. It’s a shame as well as an expression of analytical and moral bankruptcy that significant sections of the U.S. peace movement would reduce the fighting between an expansionary, immoral, and imperial power on one side and a state and people fighting for their independence on the other to a “proxy war” between Russia and the United States.