This opinion article was written in November of last year. It was on target then, but resonates even more in the wake of the leaking of the draft Supreme Court ruling overturing Roe v Wade earlier this week. I hope a national march of a million or more – and soon – is in the works soon. As Frederick Dounglass long ago said. “Power concedes nothing without a struggle.”

Such a march, among other things, would affirm the righteousness of our struggle, reach tens of millions not there – the media and social media would be all over it – and reframe the stakes of the elections this fall, imparting to them new energy, new determination, and a new level of mass mobilization. The sound of feet can sometimes work miracles!

If you’re have doubts about the importance of national marches and actions, recall how the Women’s March in the immediate wake of Trump’s victory lifted people’s spiirits, shifting the atomosphere across the country, and gave a needed impulse to the anti-Trump movement.