So far the Democrats are winning the battle for public opinion. And that is critical in this election year. The accepted wisdom not that long ago was the Trump would come out of the Senate trial with a head of steam, much like he did at the conclusion of the Mueller investigation. But there is reason to doubt that. He’s not getting the bounce in public opinion polls that he had hoped. If they are trending in any direction, it is against him.

Moreover, even if he isn’t removed from office, thanks to his supine Republican supporters in the Senate, his declaration of victory will ring somewhat hollow for many. To make matters worse for Trump, his culpability and organizing role in the “drug deal” will continue to drip out in the coming months.

Thus, the conclusion of the Senate trial this week isn’t the final curtain of this legal and political clash. The real verdict will turn on how this trial is digested and understood across the country in the months ahead and on election day. Adam Schiff and the other House mangers did their part, we should do ours.