The slogan, “Strengthen the Left and Defeat Trump and the Right” may sound right, but it’s strategically one sided and thus problematic. At the core of any strategic approach of the left (and progressives and other democratic actors for that matter) should be the following: To join with, unite, and assist in the mobilization and strengthening of the diverse currents that make up the broad democratic, anti-Trump, anti-MAGA coalition, including the Democratic Party. The failure to mention, let alone shine a light on this overarching task in the slogan above, doesn’t surprise me, even at this crucial moment. Old habits and modes of thinking are stubborn things.

Nevertheless, that is the principal task of this moment and going forward. And no matter what happens on election day, the further building of the anti-MAGA, anti-Republican Party coalition outward and downward will remain a strategic political objective of the first order. It is only on this ground – and no other ground – that a decisive victory over the MAGA bloc comes within our grasp and a durable, muscular, and non-sectarian left stands a chance of emerging.