Not sure what the point of asking Trump press secretary Saran Sanders to leave a restaurant in Washington by its owner is. But I do know that it quickly become raw meat for Trump and the right wing media to enrage their base, while turning off some people on our side who have issues with Trump and GOP. We should pick our fights wisely.

I like to think that the starting point of politics shouldn’t turn on what we think or what gins us up or what we are ready to do. But rather on what others, not in our orbit, think and are inclined to act on. But for too many on the left that isn’t their point of departure. Instead, politics is primarily a platform on which one showcases their political credentials and expresses their personal outrage. That it might be an arena, in which the primary task is to move people into action, based on what they think and are prepared to do, while, at the same time, not throwing any softballs that will further enrage and mobilize the opposition isn’t uppermost in their thinking.