Fighting racism is at the heart of our struggles

“Fighting racism is at the heart of our struggles” first appeared on on March 4, 2006.

From People’s Weekly World Newspaper   For the past six years, millions of Americans have been battling the Bush administration and its policies of pre-emptive war, economic austerity, usurpation of democratic rights and racism.

Yet a sober look at the political landscape yields an inescapable conclusion — though the movement has grown in breadth and depth, though this administration is greatly weakened and though some victories have been won, Bush and his right-wing counterparts in Congress continue to drive the nation’s political agenda.

Socialism Revisited: The Day After

“Socialism Revisited: The Day After” first appeared on on April 22, 2005. Read it on

Paper presented at the panel entitled ‘Imaginings of Socialism’ at the Left Forum sponsored by Global Left Dialogue, New York City, April 17, 2005. The moderator of the panel was Manning Marable; the other panelists were Robin Kelley, Amiri Baraka, and Michael Albert.

Thank you Manning. I appreciate the opportunity to participate on this panel with you, Robin, Amiri, and Michael. I have admired scholarship, poetry, and activism of each of you from afar. I enjoyed Robin and Michael’s presentations. My remarks are along a different line and more near term.

Keynote Address, 27th CPUSA National Convention

“Keynote Address, 27th CPUSA National Convention” first appeared on on July 6, 2001. Read it on

On behalf of the outgoing National Committee, I want to thank the office of the Mayor of Milwaukee and the representatives of the progressive community here for your greetings to our Convention. It seems especially appropriate to hold our Convention in a city whose socialist, progressive, and working-class movements stretch back into the 19th century.

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