Ukraine, U.S. and Putin; who’s the bully?

“Ukraine, U.S. and Putin; who’s the bully?” first appeared on on April 9, 2014. Read it on

If the world breathed a sigh of relief when the Cold War wound down in the late 1980s, it started trembling as U.S.-Russia relations took a dangerous turn over Ukraine and Crimea. This is a very troubling development. If it continues in the present direction, the result will be damaging on a range of issues – nuclear weapons proliferation and elimination, Iran, Syria, terrorism, climate change, and domestic politics in the two countries, to mention a few.

If you listen only to the mainstream media and both Republican and Democratic politicians you get the impression that the perpetrator of this sharply negative turn is the power-hungry Putin, and that the trigger was Russia’s heavy hand in the Crimea.

Discusión de la Convención: Hacia un Partido Comunista moderno y maduro apropiado para Estados Unidos en el siglo 21

Dado que vivimos en una época de improductividad económica, una creciente presión por la supervivencia del ser humano, el cambio de sensibilidad y de pensamiento de la gente, el comienzo de la ofensiva contra el capital corporativo a un nivel nacional y global y el continuo reagrupamiento del movimiento comunista a un nivel teórico y práctico, no es sorprendente que las características, la naturaleza y el papel del Partido Comunista de Estados Unidos en el siglo 21 sean un tema de discusión mientras avanzamos hacía nuestra 30ava Convención en Chicago.

Convention Discussion: Toward a Modern & Mature 21st Century Communist Party

“Convention Discussion: Toward a Modern & Mature 21st Century Communist Party” first appeared on on February 20, 2014. Read it on

Submitted for discussion by the National Board of the Communist Party. This essay was originally a report to the National Board.

Given that we live in an era marked by economic stagnation, growing threats to humankind’s survival, changes in people’s sensibilities and thinking, the beginnings of a counteroffensive against corporate capital at the national and global level, and an ongoing regroupment of the communist movement on the level of theory and practices, it is no surprise that the features, nature, and role of the Communist Party, USA in the 21st century would be a subject of discussion as we head toward our 30th convention in Chicago.

Chris Hedges’ catastrophism is faulty politics

“Chris Hedges’ catastrophism is faulty politics” first appeared on on February 10, 2014. Read it on

A friend of mine sends me commentaries by Chris Hedges. He raves about them. In his words, they speak truth to power, tell it like it is. Hedges, he says, “pull no punches.”

I find them instructive and full of insights too; their sense of outrage is palpable.

There is little doubt that Hedges counts among a growing galaxy of progressive and left writers who are challenging conventional wisdom that sustains the system of capitalism and its present political configuration of forces.

Richard Sherman and a changing story line

“Richard Sherman and a changing story line” first appeared on on January 31, 2014. Read it on

Much has been said since Richard Sherman, the outstanding African American cornerback for the Super Bowl bound Seattle Seahawks, dissed San Francisco’s wide receiver 49ers Michael Crabtree in an interview immediately after the playoff game between the two teams ended. Only seconds earlier Sherman had leaped high into the air to deflect a pass away from Crabtree in the closing seconds of the game, crushing 49er hopes of going to this weekend’s Super Bowl.

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