The current crisis in the Middle East will test the durability and depth of unity and understanding of the anti-MAGA, anti-Trump coalition, as it tumbles toward next year’s election. I wish I could say that the divisions within the coalition arising from the slaughter of 1200 or more people – overwhelmingly Israeli Jews – in Israel by Hamas in early October and the unrelenting bombing, unfolding military invasion, and rising death count, of Palestinian non-combatants, now approaching 9000, in response by the Israeli Defense Forces will be easily surmounted. But, I’m afraid, that would be wishful thinking.

At moments like this, politics – and the struggle for unity of the anti-MAGA coalition – becomes an art as well as a science. Hopefully, the various and diverse political actors, organizations, and tendencies comprising the anti-MAGA coalition will soberly and creatively employ such politics.

Of overarching importance in this regard is a willingness of President Biden to change his posture and insist on a ceasefire. And the reasons are moral , political and greopoltical. A failure to do so is tantamount to taking full ownership for the devastation and death taking place in Gaza. There is nothing surgical or limited about the IDF/Netanyahu blitzkrieg. The punishment is collective and relentless.