Stitching together a new daily routine at the homestead. More time for reading books I’ve been wanting to read for some time and listening to music (LOUD). Thanks to my step daughter and her father I have a new windfall of cds, including jazz, a genre of music that I’ve been wanting to become more acquainted with. Listening to Bruce now, who I’m a big fan of. I love and connect to the stories he writes and sings, the energy he brings to his craft, and his decency and humanity. And of course, love the E-Street band as well, although miss Clarence.

One challenge will be to retrofit my workout regime from the Y, where I went 6 days a week, to my home and outdoors. Might buy a bike or stationary bike, perhaps with the help of a subsidy from my daughters. Will also do stretching and some yoga poses in my living room as well as climb nearby hills, and they are STEEP.

Finally, I will have more time to get on the horn, an expression I learned from the indefatigable and upbeat Lasker Smith, to talk to my friends around the country. I find such conversations a form of therapy that invariably brings a laugh or a lift. Usually both.

To paraphrase a song by the Boss, “Better Days will shine on through.”