* Someone said on Morning Joe – Joe Scarborough I think – that instead of tweeting groundless charges against former President Obama, Trump should turn his attention to the security threat from North Korea. Really? Who in their right mind wants him doing that? Trump is unstable and erratic. He is capable of doing crazy things, as he once again demonstrated over the weekend. It’s time to make a case for Impeachment.

* It is argued that Trump’s tweets this weekend accusing former President Obama of issuing an order to spy on him were successful in so far as they distracted public attention from the growing firestorm around his attorney general, Jeff Sessions. Sessions, it came out earlier in the week, had misled Congress about his meetings with the Russian government officials – another thread in a growing scandal that could lead to impeachment and much more.

But I don’t buy this argument. People are more sophisticated than that. They have longer memories. Sessions and his misdeeds remain in the public mind. If anything, what Trump did serves to reinforce the growing impression that Sessions as well as Trump himself and his advisors are swimming in a sea of duplicity, coverup, lawlessness, and gross violations of democratic and constitutional norms.

* I hope that the broader opposition to Trump turns impeachment into a popular, well argued campaign. I got to think that what he did this weekend left a lot of people – in high and ordinary circles – wondering – once more – about his fitness for office and thinking much more seriously about his removal for the sake of the country – some to protect their own positions. And their first reactions were reinforced when the FBI and NSA quickly challenged Trump’s claims.

Such a campaign doesn’t have to be at loggerheads with the present and ongoing opposition to his (and the Republican Party’s) policies. It canreinforce the actions and message of this far flung opposition.