On this May I will celebrate everything that is decent, righteous, democratic, and egalitarian in our society. It is no secret that it is these features of our country, won at great sacrifice and not all at once, that are in the crosshairs of a brand of plutocratic authoritarianism that is unapologetically racist, misogynist, homophobic and transphobic, anti-democratic, and anti-working class. It is, as we’ve seen, prone to violence and fascist like.

I also pledge on this May Day to be an engaged volunteer in the coming battle at the ballot box this fall to defeat this retrograde, malevolent movement. Is there anything more consequential to the future of our country than the outcome of the elections this fall and then two years later?

Finally, on this day, I express my solidarity to the workers and people of Ukraine who are bravely fighting for their homeland against Putin’s invading army. His ordering of an invasion was nothing but reckless and without justification. It deserves the unequivocal condemnation of people and governments worldwide.