Any idea that the Democratic Party and democratic coalition should turn into a warring camps now that Trump has been repudiated at the polls is misguided. First, what Trump can’t win fairly, he will attempt to secure by foul and anti-democratic means. Thus a firm and timely rebuff by a broad cross section of the people is imperative. Second, even if he does concede defeat at some point, he will still occupy the White House another 3 months and he can do a lot of harm during that time unless prevented by the very forces who defeated him at the ballot box. Third, the white nationalist extremist coalition supporting Trump and Trumpism has no plans of exiting the political stage. It will likely adjust its tactics, shifting from frontal attack to obstruction and gridlock, but its strategic aim of full spectrum dominance of our political structures and society will remain unchanged. Finally, periods of transformative change are the handiwork of tens of millions. It takes more than the left to restructure the political and economic landscape. To think otherwise as some do, is belied by history and a conceit that will come back to bite its proponents (as well as the rest of us), if persisted in.