I don’t think Dr. Fauci has quite earned the title of fearless truth teller that so many are ready to bestow on him. On the crucial issue of testing on a broad scale, for example, he is less than candid. I’ve heard him say, when asked, that the country will never reach a point where “every single person” is tested. But that is a straw man and deflection of a question that he should answer straight on, that is, the imperative for extensive testing before the economy is reopened and people end social distancing. In fact, he should go a step further and admit that the Trump administration is woefully behind in this regard. And, furthermore, that the administration has no plans yet to test on the scale required if we ever hope to return to a state of semi-normalcy. In fudging on this life and death matter, it is hard not to think that Fauci is isn’t truth telling, but bending truth to the pressures of his narcissistic and corrupt boss in the White House.