For sections of the peace movement here, the insistence that Russia unconditionally withdraw from Ukraine is a minor key in their analysis and politics. Nor do we hear any criticism of Putin’s insistence from these same peace activists that Russia’s claim to the eastern regions of Ukraine is non-negotiable.

Instead, we hear righteous calls for negotiations and peace. One would never know that one country in an invading power and the other isn’t. That one country is fighting for its right to political independence and independent development and the other isn’t. And that one country has a preponderance of military power over the other were it not for the assistance of the NATO countries.

What commands near singular attention is a “proxy” war between Russia and the U.S., in which Ukraine either goes unmentioned or is reduced to no more than a pawn in a chess game. What is more, the dangers that might lie ahead if Russia is successful in its illegal and immoral war are never considered. A strange kind of internationalism.