Maneuvering in politics is a critical skill. We see it today in the struggle around a stimulus package. Trump’s announcement of of a series of executive actions to break the impasse in the Senate over the passage of a second stimulus bill is an attempt to make himself the champion of working America and worthy of a second term, while casting the Democrats as indifferent to the pressing needs of millions at this moment. Democrats and the larger anti-Trump movement should greet this maneuver with a full throated response that is heard across the county. And on the substance (not so much their constitutionality) of Trump’s proposals as compared to the Democratic stimulus package. They can’t allow Trump to outmaneuver them, which is what he is hoping to do. It’s nowhere near enough to have NY Senator Schumer on a few talk shows. Democrats should use their deep bench to blast Trump’s executive actions and remind voters of their much better alternative.