The resistance to taking the necessary steps – getting vaciinated, wearing a mask, supporting mandates, and acting prudently – to contain and eventually eradicate Covid makes me wonder if our society has the capacity to confront and resolve any of the existential crises it faces in the coming years. Even in the best of circumstances, the successful resolution of these crises would be a magnificent achievement and testimony to the human spirit and genius.

But we don’t live in the best of circumstances. Indeed, circumstances are such that it is easy to feel despair about humanity’s future. Setting aside the built-in destructive tendencies of capitalism, we have a major party – one of the two – and its supporters numbering in the tens of millions who resist even miniscule steps to ameliorate a deadly and disruptive pandemic. If anything their behavior drags out the pandemic, resulting in more death and disruption.

All of which makes me ask: is there any reason to think that this party and its supporters will be any more amenable to addressing other existential crises – climate change in the first place – that are staring humanity in the face?

I don’ think so. In fact, if allowed to gain the levers of power once again in 2022 and 2024, this political bloc of misanthropy and irrationality will take our country and the world over a steep cliff from which there is no recovery.

What then needs to be done? Crush the GOP and white nationalist, plutocratic authoritarianism at the ballot box in the first place.