The stimulus plan isn’t simply the baby of President Biden and Vice President Harris. If polls are accurate it is embraced by roughly 70 per cent of the people, including Independents and Republicans. If it passes it will bring relief to millions in need, reinflate the economy, and ratchet up the fight against the coronavirus. But it doesn’t end here. It will also throw the Republican opposition on the defensive, give confidence to the diverse coalition that backed the legislation going forward, and send a signal to people across the country that the new administration and the federal government is on their side. No less important, it will set the stage for new legislative battles to address the multiple crises weighing heavily on the country and singled out by the Biden administration.

In these circumstances, progressive people and organizations would do well to make the case for Biden’s stimulus package, creatively turn mass sentiment into practical support, and call out the opposition of the GOP and any other detractors, including within the Democratic Party and elsewhere.

In doing so, they will enhance their own standing and grow their numbers.