President Obama is lighting it up in Miami. Inspirational, powerful, and profound! We’re lucky he’s on our side.

Tough sell

A “Shining City on a Hill” is a tough sell in capitals around the world these days.

More than one trail

I’m feeling pretty good about Tuesday. Joe Biden has a much easier climb than Trump and has more than one trail that he can take to reach the top on election day. As for the legal challenges and any attempt by Trump to claim victory on election night, the Biden campaign, the Democratic Party, and the far flung democratic alliance supporting Biden-Harris are well prepared to meet them.

Unintended result

It seems like an unintended result of systematic voter suppression by Trump and the GOP is to further spike voter turnout. And in some states to record levels.

Asymmetrical polarization

There is a problem with the oft heard conversation about political polarization and Washington gridlock. Implied in both notions is that both parties are to blame. But the fact is polarization and gridlock are asymmetrical. It is doing of the Republican Party that embraced a politics of extremism decades ago. Granted the Democratic Party has moved in a progressive direction in recent years, but in no way is it equivalent to the embrace of extremism by the GOP.

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