Home run

That was the best Joe Biden speech I have ever seen. It was a home run, not a broken bat single. It was well crafted, well presented, and heartfelt. It hit all the right notes, without trying to hit every note. The challenges that he highlighted were the right ones: ending the pandemic with science, national coordination, and compassion, turning the country’s attention to addressing and ending systemic racism, rebuilding the economy and creating jobs, seizing the opportunity to attack climate change, restoring decency in public life, and protecting our democracy. A wise movement lives, first of all, in the present, gives people and politicians space to change and when they do welcomes that change, and, not least, recognizes the new dynamics, pressures, and possibilities of the times in which we live.

Off point

I find this article well intended, but so misguided. The writer, for example, makes no mention of mobilizing or protecting the vote. As hard as that is in present conditions, I can’t think of a more crucial task. But not a word! How can that be? The writer is also mum about the imperative of responding to the avalanche of lies that will be directed at the Biden-Harris ticket and the Democratic candidates generally in the hope of dampening turnout. The article fails as well to capture the changing dynamics across and at all levels the Democratic Party. One would never know that the election platform, for example, is the most progressive in its history. Finally, the writer damns Kamala Harris with faint praise. More could be said, but my lawn is telling me that it needs a mowing.


What a great debut by Kamala Harris. She did it with grace, confidence, and determination. She had a lot to do in this speech and she did it superbly. Joe Biden has a great running mate and we have a chance on election day not only to save our democracy, but also to make history in electing Kamala Harris Vice President.


What an absolutely brilliant speech by Barack Obama! He still leads with his intellect, words, and heart. And I’m sure glad he does, especially when so much hangs in balance.

Personal is political

Jill Biden reminded us last night that the personal is political. Her speech and presence in an empty classroom packed a lot of sharp, if not explicitly stated, contrasts with the present inhabitants of the White House at the level of their humanity, values, and biography. Some may see it as devoid of politics, but my guess is the story Jill Biden told politically resonated with millions of people watching at home.

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