Independence Day

I wonder what Lady Liberty is thinking today?

A worldwide phenomenon

The rise of the right is a worldwide phenomenon. And only a movement of a diverse coalition of people, parties, and popular organizations worldwide has the political capacity to resist and ultimately defeat this imminent danger. On the left adjustments of strategic and tactical policies are necessary, nuch like they were in the 1930s. Narrow concepts of class, alliances, democracy, and political struggle generally should give way to more expansive concepts and practices. We’re living through a moment when democratic governance and the rule of law hang in balance.

Even Dowd is impressed

I found this oped by Maureen Dowd really good. I’m not usually a fan of hers, but this column is straight up, no cynicism., no silly curve balls. She is obviously impressed with the new congresswomen to be. And she should be as should the leadership of the Democratic Party. .

A big deal

This a big deal. The challenge now is to govern, which is a thousand times more difficult than winning an election. The left has had some success at governing, sometimes notable in fact. But we have had our share of failed experiences too. And that’s putting it nicely in some cases. Anyway, Obrador’s landslide will reverberate northward as well as southward And it comes at a time when the right in Latin American thought the wind was at its back.

A good tension

It seems to me that the divisions in the Democratic Party are being exaggerated by some friends and foes. Notwithstanding some differences on one issue or another, what is striking to me is the broad agreement on a range of issues. And the political/programmatic lean is in a progressive direction. Some tension in the party is actually a good thing and inevitable.

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