Once again

Once again Trump is showing his special animus (putting it nicely) toward women who have the temerity to challenge him.

Immorality has no bounds

Anybody with eyes can’t help but notice the racist and politicized way that the Trump administration is aiding states and cities. Nothing subtle about it. It’s in our face and it’s deadly. The immorality of this president has no bounds.

Tom Brady?

In a conference call to governors a few days ago, Trump said that he was prepared to be a backup to their efforts to mitigate the health care crisis. In the conversation that followed, Jay Inslee, the governor of Washington, replied that they didn’t need a backup. What they need is a Tom Brady. Last night Trump attacked Inslee as well as some other governors.

Keep on Keeping On

My father was a very quiet man. But one thing he would say to me and my brothers on many occasions is “Keep on Keeping On.” Good advice in these times of a pandemic, economic lock down and fraying nerves.

Largely empty

One can’t fully understand Trump’s every word and action in this pandemic crisis without taking into account his narcissism, reelection mania, and instinct to polarize people. Any sort of class analysis that leaves these factors on the edges will come up largely empty.

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