No contest here: it’s Steph Curry, point guard of the NBA champion Golden State Warriors and the league’s MVP last year. Curry heard during the off season that neither he nor his team were quite deserving of the awards and titles that they won. Not surprisingly, this clamor in the sports world, which thanks to ESPN goes on all day and night (not complaining), has given Curry, if he needed any motivation this season, more than enough to prove his critics wrong and to repeat his exploits from last season. In the first week of league play Curry has been nothing short of magical, a ballerina and Houdini on the basketball floor. LeBron may still be the best player in the world, but Curry is a close second and no one is more entertaining to watch. The basketball in his hands is like a brush in Van Gogh’s. Both see and do things in their respective craft and art form that leave the rest of us mere mortals looking on in wonder.