The actions of big city Democratic mayors today to protect immigrants is a practical example, demonstrating that the Democratic Party has not only a place, but an important role to play in resisting the Trump administration and its agenda.  Any notion that the Democratic Party should be “blown up,” which I have heard from some on the left, is irresponsible to put it diplomatically.

Reforming it is quite another thing, but that is the prerogative of Democratic party leaders and activists. And even that process, I hope, would be done without forgetting the earthquake that occurred a week ago and what it portends for the future.

And while I’m on problematic notions, I would include any idea that the left or progressives or “the movement” is enough to turn back the coming threats to democracy, democratic rights, economic livelihoods, and planetary sustainability. Only a coalition of the immense majority, anchored among working people, people of color, women, young people, immigrants, LBGQT, seniors, urban and rural America, Democrats, independents, moderate Republicans, and anyone else ready to climb on board has the wherewithal to prevent what looks like the deluge to come. If we ever needed wide angled and big tent strategic thinking and flexible tactics, it’s now.

And one final thing, people on the left should spend no time reminding each other or anyone else that our democracy is limited and restricted. What purpose does it serve other than to protect our own radical credentials. When our democracy, freedoms, and future are threatened, it is imperative to make people aware of this impending danger and provide them with entry points to participate in an expanding coalition that can withstand this assault.