The Good, the Ugly, and the Uglier

The Good: Washington State governor, Jay Inslee, who urged open doors for Syrian refugees. He cited the Japanese-American interment camps in WW II as a dangerous precedent. “We regret that … We regret that we succumbed to fear.”

The Ugly: GOP presidential candidates and governors (30+) are saying that they would allow only Christian refugees from Syria into the country in reaction to the terrorist attack in France.

The Uglier: GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s call to register Muslims in the U.S.

Game of the week

Since I just came back from a visit to Michigan and since I lived there at one time, the Game of the Week is – what else – Michigan State vs. Ohio State. Ohio State is undefeated and last year’s NCAA football champion and Michigan State has lost one game this season, thanks to a very bad officiating call in a game against Nebraska. Both teams have under performed however, despite their records. When I was a boy I was an avid Buckeye fan, but now that I’m a man, the Spartans and all things Michigan command my loyalty. The game is in Columbus, making a Spartan victory uphill. Nevertheless, (and here’s too hoping), Spartans squeak out narrow victory 27-24 as Buckeyes under perform once again.

Bernie Sanders, socialism, and the 2016 elections

Little surprises me these days — I don’t know if it’s age, or what. But the long quote below from a recent post in Jacobin has me shaking my head.

“We need to understand this point well if we want to make the most of the opportunities presented by the Sanders campaign, especially if Bernie follows through on his plans to give a “major speech” about socialism. [This] will be a great occasion for the Left to debate our own meanings of socialism — but only if we silence our inner Anderson Coopers and discuss Bernie’s ideas on their own terms without worrying about how they impact his electability.”

This week’s good, bad, and very ugly

The Good: The coalition of students, graduate students, faculty, and football players that forced University of Missouri President Timothy Wolfe to step down. Wolfe had become an obstacle to addressing issues of racial justice and other student concerns in a timely and robust way.

The Bad: The Republican Party presidential debate. Instead of attacking each other as happened in earlier debates, each of the candidates offered solutions to today’s problems and crises that ranged from the outlandish to the ridiculous. Wage cutting was a universally popular prescription among this motley, but very wealthy bunch.

The Very Ugly: The vicious killing of innocent people in Paris. So far 160 are reported dead, according to the Washington Post. Time to “give peace a chance.” Don’t see any other solution to the cycle of violence and counter violence that is gripping and crushing our interconnected and increasingly fragile world.

Don’t forget Ferguson

I said in an earlier post that the entrance of the football players was the tipping point in the struggle on the University of Missouri campus over racial justice, but also mentioned that was part of a wider process of struggle. And surely the police murder of Michael Brown and the ensuing and protracted struggle that followed in Ferguson last year had to loom large in the thinking of many, including the political class in that state, and factored into the outcome.

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