I never thought on a gut level that “democracy could die” here. Other countries for sure, but not in my own backyard. Clearly, I was wrong, and I guess blinded by a form of American exceptionalism. And the odd thing is that, if it happens, it won’t happen by way of “smashing the state” in a bloody insurrection, organized from the outside. Far more likely is that it will be the result of utilization of the state and its democratic institutions and processes to eviscerate democratic structures, norms and rights by insurrectionists occupying positions within the state and dressed in suits, not army fatigues. If this were to happen, what would be left would be a dictatorial strongman in the White House and a plutocratic class, presiding, if not directly, over the empty shell of what once was a democratic state and society.

Luckily in a few months we have an election that can stop this gathering storm in its tracks.