The Biden agenda, which represents the beginnings of a significant break from neoliberalism – an ideology and practice that dominated the country’s political, economic, and ideological life for nearly 4 decades – should command the attention and receive the full support of the expansive coalition that elected Biden last year. The main task of this coalition, therefore, isn’t to “critique” or “push” or or “fine tune” the many positive legislative initiatives of the administration or to passively observe the clash that is taking place between the administration and Congressional Democrats on the one hand and Congressional Republicans on the other. Quite the contrary. Practical engagement in support of Biden’s domestic agenda should be the watchword.

Don’t think that the far flung, right wing authoritarian coalition is passively observing what is transpiring in the nation’s capital. From the right wing evangelicals to the right wing extremist media, they understand on a very practical level that the immediate imperative is to defeat – no crush – Biden’s agenda. Everything else in their view pales in comparison. Isn’t a similar urgency and practicality necessary on our side?”