I understand from reports that Bernie is thinking about ending his primary run. I hope he does. As I wrote before, his standing and influence will be enhanced not diminished if he does.

Given the novel and catastrophic times in which we live and the existential danger of a second Trump term, the country would be well served if Joe Biden on the strength of his support in the primaries so far were declared the party’s standard bearer. That would allow Biden to speak with greater volume and to a larger audience as well as pick his running mate early on.

For Bernie to stay in the hunt for the purpose of changing a party rule or modifying the party platform, presuming that the convention takes place in August in Milwaukee, strikes me as an example of not seeing the forest for the trees and of small circle thinking. The game isn’t worth the candle at this point!

The pressing imperative is to unify the Democratic Party and the broader democratic movement and turn the attention of everyone now to the overarching task of electing Joe Biden in in November.