Biden’s decision to forgive a portion of student debt should defended as well as welcomed. It’s not enough to say, “Good start, Joe. But not enough. Let’s now move to forgive all student debt.” Sounds good, I suppose, but isn’t the more immediate challenge to counter the vicious attacks from the MAGA crowd and the Republican Party to Biden’s announcement.

And we can begin by reminding voters that the executive order will relieve some of the unconscionable debt burden that struggling working class students and their families, Republican, Independent, and Democrat, pile up, while attending college. We should also remind voters that President Trump and the GOP majority in Congress had no hesitation in handing out trillions of dollars in tax cuts to the wealthiest families and corporations in the country. For doing what – nothing!

In these circumstances, simply upping the ante and insisting on full debt relief is in some ways a cop out. It side steps the main ground on which Trump and the MAGA crowd are making their fight against Biden’s executive order lowering student debt relief.