John Bellamy Foster is an interesting and insightful analyst of capitalism. His work on its ecological crisis is notable. But his strategic and tactical skills seem limited. In a recent (rather long) interview, he insists that the immediate task is to “unite the revolutionary left” and to effect “no compromises with neoliberalism.” This strikes me as really wrongheaded, given the fact that the main challenge at this moment is to unite a broad and diverse democratic front/coalition to check the immediate danger of white nationalist, mysogynist, xenophobic, anti-democratic and anti-working class right wing authoritarianism from consolidating and extending its power over state and society in the coming elections.

I wouldn’t pay any attention to Foster’s prescriptive advice were it not for the fact that some others on the left seem to share this view. Thus it can’t be ignored entirely.

That said, I don’t think it should take up too much of our oxygen in the coming months. There is a much bigger world out there to win.