After listening to Trump’s reactions to the awful mass killings of gay people in Orlando (who did nothing but joyfully and unapologetically celebrate their humanity and sexuality in what they thought was – and should have been – a safe space), I can only think that each of us and the country would be best served if we join with labor and the many other social organizations in their efforts to register, speak to, educate, and bring voters to the polls on election day. This might not feel radical, but in this moment it is. The defeat of Trump and other Republicans down the ticket in a landslide would save our country from a very bleak future, create a favorable terrain to pursue a progressive agenda in 2017 and beyond, and constitute one way to honor the deaths of 49 innocent people. Squirreling ourselves off in left and progressive initiatives that highlight this or that issue, while keeping a distance from the practical on the ground tasks and conversations that are necessary to winning this election strikes me as counterproductive.