I’ve never been a fan of Mitch McConnell. But Trump’s political and racist attack on McConnell and Elaine Chao, his wife and former Secretary of Transportation, should be roundly condemned. It puts their lives in jeoporady, while giving a fresh boost to the growning trend to make deadly violence a legitmate method of struggle and racism an acceptable mode of discourse in our political culture.

Republicans, almost to a one, are silent in the face this escalating violence and racist rhetoric. Some, in fact, have no problem with either; they see a place for both in advancing their agenda. Other Republicans who might object cower to Trump, who is the main perpertrator and legitimizer of this dangerous turn in our political discourse. It should be obvious that this ratcheting up of violence and racism by Trump and Trumpists should be vigorously opposed at the ballot box this November as well as in the public square. Much depends on it.