I hear frequently that the country is polarized to which I reply: first, it’s the GOP that is the polarizing element in U.S. politcs. It has moved – triggered in no small measure by the election of Barak Obama – outside the bounds of democracratic discourse and practices into the lane of racist, anti-democratic authorititarism – fascism if you like. At its core is its intense opposition to – no hatred for – multi-racial democracy. Such a democracy in its view would open up the well springs of progress and progressive advance in every area of social life. And that possibility is something this rancid and revanchist gang is ready to resist, as they have demonstrated by any means necessary.

And, second, our side isn’t polarized enough insofar as it isn’t fully attuned to the clear and present danger that the other side – the Republican Party and the far flung right wing authoritarian network – presents to our country’s future. And thus ready to act on that basis.