A distraction?

The suggestion that the Mueller investigation and the attention accorded it by major new outlets has distracted from other fronts of struggle against the Trump administration rests on little evidence other than the righteous assertions by some on the left. Hard facts to prove or disprove this point are harder to come by. I can only offer as evidence that a few months ago millions of voters went to the polls to register their opposition to Trump and his policies and there is little doubt that these voters had been influenced to some degree by exposes, investigating journalism, and distractions of the “fake news” media.

Can’t let that happen

A old friend of mine in Detroit who I met regularly for lunch years ago would invariably say (in Latin) to me upon our goodbye, “Don’t let the bastards grind you down.” Seems like good advice today as Trump, Sarah Sanders and all attempt to turn the Mueller report and Barr’s quick exoneration of Trump on obstruction charges into club to “grind us down.” Can’t let that happen. Too much is at stake. Itching more than ever to elect a Democratic president and Congress next year.

New vigor to socialism’s humanism

One major challenge for socialists in this era is to recover and give new vigor to the democratic, egalitarian, and humanistic essence and aims of socialism. It’s a mistake to think that the negative features of 20th century socialism are no longer part of popular thinking..

Release the report

Trump will claim the Mueller report vindicates him and indicts his many opponents. Many will disagree. Main thing now is to insist that Barr release full report and Democrats in Congress do their job so that we can reach our own judgement about Trump and gang’s culpability. In the meantime, we should turn our attention to other issues and next year’s elections.

Phases of struggle

Before Trump landed in the White House, there was resistance on the left to embrace the concept that the struggle for socialism goes through phases and stages, each with its own particular balance of power, particular class and democratic tasks, and particular dynamics. That seems to be changing under the harsh impact of Trump’s right wing, white nationalist authoritarian rule.

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