New vigor to socialism’s humanism

One major challenge for socialists in this era is to recover and give new vigor to the democratic, egalitarian, and humanistic essence and aims of socialism. It’s a mistake to think that the negative features of 20th century socialism are no longer part of popular thinking..

Release the report

Trump will claim the Mueller report vindicates him and indicts his many opponents. Many will disagree. Main thing now is to insist that Barr release full report and Democrats in Congress do their job so that we can reach our own judgement about Trump and gang’s culpability. In the meantime, we should turn our attention to other issues and next year’s elections.

Phases of struggle

Before Trump landed in the White House, there was resistance on the left to embrace the concept that the struggle for socialism goes through phases and stages, each with its own particular balance of power, particular class and democratic tasks, and particular dynamics. That seems to be changing under the harsh impact of Trump’s right wing, white nationalist authoritarian rule.

Organizing agents

Hate crimes don’t happen without organizing agents. These agents don’t necessarily pull the trigger, but what they do is set the stage and create the atmosphere — and even in some instances give a green light — for such acts. Here a whole network of hate crime enablers and agents that are inseparable from the rise of right wing extremism over the past four decades exist and do their dirty work with great diligence. And with Trump, they have a soul mate who gives their (and his) message of division and hate a unique platform and reach.

Markets anyone

Listening to Elizabeth Warren and others, it is easy to get the impression that what distinguishes capitalism from socialism is the presence of markets with capitalism favoring them and socialism having no place for them. But that’s not so. Socialism isn’t allergic to markets.

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