Usually after a defeat – and last night was that – it is wise to let the air clear for a day or two or three and then take a sober inventory of what happened and why it happened. There is no reason to immediately rush to judgement, press the panic button, feel dispirited, or shift to the right as Bill Clinton did in 1994. If the sky were falling in, I might think differently, but it isn’t. Not yet anyway.

Moreover, the overall political-economic environment will likely be more favorable to Biden and Democrats next year and a year provides more than enough time for the White House, Democrats, and the larger coalition supporting them to correct whatever mistakes – big and small – that cropped up in this election and in the first year of Biden’s presidency.

If I worry about anything at this moment, it is what immediate effects will last night’s results have on the Manchins in the Democratic Party. Will they walk away from the reconciliation bill now? Voting rights? Will they turn further to the right?