I’m not sure that everyone on the democratic, progressive, and left side of politics believes that their future is tied to the political and legislative success of the Biden administration. But I do.

If the administration is successful in moving its agenda – an agenda that is progressive in nearly every respect aside from its foreign policies – the ground will be set for further progressive legislation, Democratic pickups in the mid-term elections next year and 2 years later, and, not least, the extension and consolidation of a progressive, social democratic coalition for the longer haul.
If, on the other hand, the administration’s agenda is stymied and sees an erosion in its support, the stage will be set for a comeback for Trump and his retrograde coalition and all the perils to democracy and social progress that such an outcome would entail.

Or to put if differently, it is hard to exaggerate the dangers to our democracy and any progressive, let alone socialist, future if Biden fails. In that event, initiative would shift, but not to the left, (don’t kid yourself) but to the clear advantage of the Trumpists.

Moreover, thinking that this could be their “last chance” to secure their political dominance and “way of life,” there is little doubt that they would use their regained political power to do whatever it takes to secure their long term dominance, including the destruction of any expression of democratic opposition and the evisceration of democratic institutions and rights.