In the face of two overlapping crises that are defining his presidency, Trump has not only demonstrated an astonishing degree of incompetence and narcissism. He has also — and for all eyes to see here and around the world — displayed a profound moral emptiness and indifference to the loss of life, especially Black lives, as well as a manic and reckless compulsion to polarize the country, blame “enemies within” for the crises that we are passing through, and, with no discernible reluctance, smash constitutional norms, unleash the military against young protesters, and assume dictatorial powers.

But here’s the thing. More and more people are catching on. Recent polling shows a president sinking in popularity. Even former military leaders, in what is unprecedented, are speaking out against Trump and their successors in the Pentagon who would turn cities into a “battlespace.” And most tellingly, the sustained protest actions of young people and others across the country protesting the gruesome murder of George Floyd at the hand of 4 policemen are gaining the sympathy of other Americans.

And yet, as encouraging as this is, vigilance and sustained action are imperative . A weaker Trump could easily become a more dangerous and reckless Trump.