The task of the non sectarian left, I would argue, is not only to empower itself, not only to increase its own organizational and political capacity. Of no less importance is to assist the entire range of people’s organizations — not least labor — as the “battle at the ballot box” draws near. This bloc of people’s organizations in collaboration with the Democratic Party at every level possesses the wherewithal — power, political acumen, and moral standing — to defeat Trump and the MAGA movement and re-elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, not to mention provide the muscle to regain full Democratic control of Congress.

Of course, such an outcome would have to be defended in the election’s aftermath. Trump and MAGA, as we know all too well, won’t accept defeat without a struggle and are already planning their moves in that event. “By any means necessary” is more than a slogan for this cabal of reaction, racism, retribution, and revanchism.