Children and their parents, young and old people, soldiers and civilians – Ukrainians – are dying every day at the hands of a superior Russian army that invaded their country on the order of its dictatorial president. But apparently this is of little concern to John Wojcik, the editor of the People’s World.

What concentrates his mind and is accorded top billing on the PW’s website yesterday was his story of a leader of the right wing Ukrainian Azov battalion who is hunted down and killed by Russian soldiers. The next story on the site, written by the same writer, tells readers of NATO’s weaponry dangerously falling into the hands of right wing Ukrainians. If these two articles were outliers it would be one thing, but they aren’t. They are consistent with the PW’s approach to this horrendous invasion and crisis.

I can’t imagine another editor (or editorial board) of the PW in recent decades – and I knew all of them – covering the war on Ukraine and its people in such a manner – so one sidedly, so trapped in old assumptions and realities, and, above all, so indifferent to the death of Ukrainians and the violation of their sovereignty by a much bigger, more powerful, and imperialist minded neighboring country.

It’s shameful!