People on the left speak of the overarching importance of participating in “mass movements.” I hope that is the case this year, this fall especially. After all, between now and election day, the broadest, deepest, and best resourced “mass movement” will soon be the “movement” to elect Joe Biden to a second term and a Democratic majority to the Senate and House. Even now, there is no shortage of things to do.

I wish I could say that the left, or, at least parts of it, will do the out of the spotlight, but absolutely critical work — voter registration, phone banking, door to door work, delivering and collecting absentee ballots, etc. — that wins elections. But for now the jury is out.

To make matters worse, the left (or more accurately a part of it) seems to be gravitating in a sectarian direction. And the genocidal war in Gaza only accelerates this process. What might change this dynamic to a degree is if President Biden demands a permanent ceasefire and a weapons freeze. It’s long overdue. Even Jill, reportedly, thinks so.