In memory of George Meyers and Fred Gaboury on this May Day. It was a great privilege to hang out with the two of you for many years. Once Fred and I left NYC on a road trip. First stop was Pittsburgh for a meeting in the mid-afternoon and then immediately on to Cleveland for another meeting that night. Upon finishing we jumped back into the car and drove to St. Louis overnight for a day time meeting there and then sped off to Chicago for another gathering that evening.

But with weariness creeping in, we had the good sense to bunk down there. But as the sun rose the next morning in Chicago, we grabbed some breakfast at McDonald’s, one of Fred’s favorite food stops, and headed to Detroit for another meeting in the late afternoon. After eating dinner there, we got back into the car and drove overnight, arriving in NYC as the sun was rising. As exhausting as it was, Fred and I were quite proud of our whirlwind road trip. Only once did we stop the car on an interstate highway to settle a heated argument. Fred was a “trip.” And better yet, great company.