The senseless killing of upwards of 22 innocent people and the injuring of many more in Manchester, England last night at a music concert serves no purpose other than to put the wind in the sails of the most right wing, reactionary, anti-democratic, and xenophobic politicians and political groups worldwide – not least Trump and his ilk. To think that such inhumane and deadly actions in any way serve the cause of justice in the Middle East or anywhere else is delusional.

The organizers of these dastardly acts aren’t “freedom fighters.” What animates them is a retrogressive, exclusivist, and sectarian ideology that pivots on hate and violence. While they should be apprehended and brought to justice in quick order, security and safely will come to people in the Muslim and non-Muslim world only when the ground on which they thrive and recruit new adherents is transformed into an oasis of peace, equality, opportunity, and economic security.