In what amounts to an editorial, Bhaskar Sunkara and Micah Uetricht write in Jacobin, what I consider, an unnecessarily scathing, counterproductive, and silly take on the Working Families Party endorsement of Elizabeth Warren. Their editorial in some ways says less about the politics of WFP and more about the politics of the editors of Jacobin.

There’s nothing wrong with taking issue with the WFP’s decision, but that isn’t the issue here. It’s how the authors do it. I could mention their dismissal of Elizabeth Warren and her many supporters with faint praise, among other things, but I will offer only the editorial’s concluding paragraph.

“The Sanders base,” Sunkara and Uetricht write, “isn’t going away, whatever the election results next year. The future of progressive politics lies with them. The Working Families Party has waited decades for that future, but the party may have just written itself out of it.”

Wow! Somehow I missed the anointment of Sunkara and Uetricht as the arbiters of all things left and Sanders’ supporters as the lodestar of the left.